Snappy Detailer

Product Description

ILB Drivers Club & Auto Finesse Collaboration

This is our first ever detailing product and how awesome is it that we were able to collaborate with Auto Finesse.

- Limited Edition
- Tropical scent
- 500ml Bottle
- Water based quick detailer with T1 grade Carnauba wax.
- Non-streaking.
- Suitable on all surfaces, including paint, glass, hard plastic, and brightwork trim.

Give the bottle a shake to activate the ingredients.
Apply a fine mist onto one section at a time and spread over the panel using a microfibre towel.
A little goes a long way, so no need to oversaturate the surface.
Turn over or re-fold the towel to reveal a clean, dry side, and gently buff until the finish is clear.
If using this product during hot weather, it is advisable to work over small sections at a time to prevent premature drying of the product.