Master Bundle LUT Pack

Product Description


Introducing our brand new Finishing LUT packs. These little guys should help you bring a new look to your footage.

Here we have our first ever LUT pack bundle.
This bundle consists of 10 LUTs.

Night Vibes & Summer Vibes right into one.
10 Finishing Luts included, each with two varients.

Each pack comes with two variants of each LUTs, a bright & dark version, as not all LUTs will work across all footage. We've also fired in 4 base LUTs, try these before you apply the finishing LUT.

These examples where all shot at SLOG-2, adjusted back to Rec-709, then the Finishing LUT was applied.

This is a digital download, you will be emailed the file after checkout.


Works with all major editing software. Premier pro, Davinci Resolve, Final Cut, Color Finale etc.

These are Finishing LUTS. You need to bring your footage back to how it should look to your eye (Rec-709) before applying. 

Beginner knowledge of LUTs is helpful, please watch a YouTube tutorial on how to LUTs use if stuck.